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Variable Pressure Fuel regulator (repl. 27219-95)

Fits Big-Twin models '95 thru '98 and Twin Cam models '99 thru '01 with Marelli type fuel injection

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Variable Pressure Fuel regulator (repl. 27219-95)

Variable Pressure Fuel Regulator

The Epicycle variable pressure fuel regulator will allow an adjustment in fuel pressure rate. The Epicycle regulator can be adjusted from the stock pressure to 0-17% over the stock pressure. It is a very small regulator unit that replaces the stock regulator. By increasing the fuel pressure at the fuel injectors, more fuel (by volume) will flow through the injector thus enriching the mixture. The available increase in fuel is from 0-17% over stock and is adjustable at any time by the owner. (note: Stock HD 300 kPa / 44 psi, VariReg as delivered 360 kPa / 52 psi) This is sufficient to correct pinging and allow the fitment of performance parts such as less restricted mufflers, complete performance exhaust system or low restriction air filter in stock air box. The pressure can never exceed the fuel pump bypass pressure thus maintaining the safety features of the stock system. Comes with detailed fitting and tuning instructions and fits all Marelli EFI Fuel Injected Evolution Big-Twins and Twin-Cam models 1999-2001. (repl. 27219-95)

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