Insulated crimp terminals

Electrical plugs, eyelets, connectors & terminals
We would like to give some advice to those that want to make a wiring harness for their Custom build bike or are doing electric wiring repairs. From experience we know that using cheap products is the wrong way. Don’t cut corners when fixing electrical wiring on your expensive motorcycle. If you do, you may end up at the side of the road with all kinds of electrical failure. We have seen Burned-out alternators because of poor wiring and cheap connectors. Blown-up batteries and burned starter motors because of cheap wiring and poor quality eyelets etc. Therefore we only offer cable plugs, eyelets, connectors etc. that are DIN and ISO 9001 certificated. These connectors may be a little more expensive than others but they do the job and guarantee you trouble free riding.

 Flag Type terminal


 Tap connectors