Fastin Faston & Mate-N-Lock multiple connectors

Amp fastin-faston & mate-n-lock connectors offer the advantages of the FASTON technology in multiple applications. In wiring harnesses, they are mainly used as multiposition and coupling connectors. Up to 12 position connectors can be mated in one operation with a maximum of 12 leads terminated. Receptacles and tabs in this version comply fully with the FASTON technology. The only difference is the addition of a locking lance, which ensures firm retention of contacts when snapped into holders. Wiring harnesses pre-fabricated with male or female connectors can be easily connected to mating counterparts, even if manufacturing occured at a different site. Any application of this technology leads to essential time savings in final assembly. Note: The plug holder is also referred to as the female holder, as it accepts the female terminal. The receptacle holder is also referred to as the male holder, as it accepts the male tab terminal. All parts to make up a complete connector have to be ordered separately.

 Multiple connector male holders

 Multiple connector female holders

 Mate-N-Lock male holders

 Mate-N-Lock female holders