Cable Ties & Cable Clips

Cable ties are the most popular and economical products that Motorcycle Performance offers. It is very important to check for the quality of cable ties because its tensile strength and durability will be greatly affected. One of the most common applications for cable ties is supporting and holding cables, wires, and other objects in place, therefore the quality of the cable ties are of utmost importance. 
Motorcycle Performance ensures that we offer different sizes, types and colours of cable ties that would be suitable for a specific type of application. An example is the releasable  cable tie where the application is not permanent and the user intends to re-use the product on other applications. Motorcycle Performance offers the best quality but very economical cable ties. In order to utilize the right capacity and strength of cable ties, users must know the requirements of each application. 

 Cable Ties Colour

 Cable Ties Black

 Cable Ties White

 Cable Clips w/rubber profile

 Cable Guide Bracket