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Blok Lock p/st

Artikelcode: 191727

Blok Lock  p/st

Insertable/removable locks designed to connect powr-blok modules
Power-blok modules can be assembled without special tools. The panel is assembled from the rear. Place all modules face down on a flat surface. Organize modules into rows and insert the locking wedges as needed. Then push the rows together and insert the locking wedges between the rows to form panels.
The locking wedge may be inserted by hand. To assure that the locking wedge is fully seated, place a block (1" X 2" X 3/16") on the rear of the wedge and tap the block with a light hammer. The locking wedge is fully seated when the rear of the wedge is flush with the rear surface of the Power-blok module. (Note: Before seating the wedges, visually inspect the front face of the panel for proper orientation of the Power-blok modules).

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