Battery cable and terminals

Battery cable and hardware
Bad battery or starter motor cables cause usually starting problems. There can be a tremendous Voltage drop due to a bad cable, a bad connection of the cable to the eyelet or in the connection of the eyelet and the user. Therefore battery cables should be regularly checked and if needed renewed. These Motorcycle Performance battery cable kits allow you to make a low resistance, high quality cable at any length. These kits are ideal for Custom Bike builders and anyone else who wants to use a different model battery or wants to relocate the battery carrier. The easy-to-bend cable has 16mm2  (4/5 gauge) leads, build from very thin strands. Because of the large number of these very thin strands there is less air between the individual strands, which means that there is more pure copper to conduct the power from your battery. These Easy-to-bend cables are available in only black. Our convenient shop kits contains 50 inch (1,25 meter) of battery cable and eyelets ( 90 or 180 degrees) with 1/4” eyes, eyelets with 5/16” eyes and heat shrink sockets to give the finishing touch to your Custom build cables. The battery cable is separately available in 2 meter length. Eyelets and heat shrink-socket tubes are also available separately.

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