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8.7" Ratchet Crimping Tool HT-236C

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HT-236C 8.7" Ratchet Crimping Tool for Non-Insulated Terminals and Open Barrel terminals.
Professional crimping pliers with locking device to work as quickly and safely as possible. Because of the differential lock the user is certain that the contraction is completely finished and the connection is established with sufficient force.The sturdy construction of this hand tool is superior to any tool made today. The handle will not flex or bend in any direction, therefore the maximum force and repeatability are achieved. The precision ratchet controls cycling of the tool  assures the same accurate crimp every time. The handle grips and the leverage system are designed for maximum ergonomic benefit.

Specifications: DIN  0.5-1 / 1.5-2.5 / 4-6  mm2 , AWG 20-18 / 16-14 / 12-10 

€ 79.95